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This is creative thinking at work. How do you arrest someone for cleaning a tunnel – even if it looks like graffiti? I imagine the call to Police HQ was pretty amusing and resulted in a lot of head scratching.

It often takes explicit subversion of our preconceptions to reveal our unspoken assumptions about every day life.

Two questions for EBB readers:

Been fighting the crud since Saturday. The best I can muster so far this week is an overdue iTunes Mix for your listening pleasure.

I found a couple of particularly good new artists (for me) – Richard Shindell (also in Cry, Cry, Cry), and Pink Martini. Thanks to Rich Geist at Winsor Learning for the Pink rec. Shindell was an iTunes rec.

A thread that runs through these songs are strong and unusual story lines – better than your average batch of “love ya/miss ya/can’t wait to kiss ya” that makes up most pop. A marine captain drowns in the Mississippi, hippie band camps by the river and wins the town over, a tempestuous Russian/Italian love affair, Geronimo’s Cadillac, and Guantanamo Bay all grace this list.

532497422_f925be50c4_oOne of the annoying parts of running a blog are the spam comments from people who want to surreptitiously sneak a back-link to their site on your blog. Askimet handles most of this automatically (thank you – thank you – thank you) but every day one or two servings of spam get past the filters.

Normally the posts are pretty lame “Great post – please write more…blah blah blah” hoping that your ego gets in front of your ability to see that the website link is “”

Today was different. Whoever was at the other end of the intertubes was clearly making an effort to at least amuse themselves. While I won’t post the link I will share the content of the comment for your amusement.

Bambi Meets Godzilla is the best 90 seconds of student film – ever. This classic came up at dinner tonight and it warmed my heart the same way it did 30 years ago.

Thank you Marv Newland, a man of many talents.

[This post has nothing to do with Educational Publishing. Really. Next post – So You Are The Startup That Is Going To Take Pearson Down…]

This video may be the best four minutes you will spend this week. I laughed, I cried, I sat in awe of the creative vision that pulled this together.

Watch it full screen if you can. Safe for work.


NFImageImportliteracy n. The condition or quality of being literate, especially the ability to read and write.

Surpise! It turns out that the generation in school today is writing more and reading more. Several recent reports provide evidence to support this startling claim. The internet – a time pig that has consumed us with new ways of doing things – has wings.

This trend is global – according to the CIA literacy rates went from 50-60% in the 1970’s to over 80% by 2005. Teens are leading the way. TV is for geezers.

070_picsGrowing up in New England I was taught that it was rude to discuss politics, religion, or money with casual acquaintances. Later, when I entered the business world, I was never one to socialize much with co-workers beyond lunch or meals on the road. It isn’t that I have a problem with making friends through work – I often do – but as a matter of preference I like to keep a little distance between my work life and my personal life.

Thus, when I dove headfirst into social media and on-line gaming four to five years ago I tried to establish different outposts for the compartments of my life. LinkedIn was for work, Facebook was for friends. Twitter and World of Warcraft were supposed to be for friends. Plaxo was work related. This blog is my professional on-line persona. I reserved politics and spirituality for other blogs.


Its time again for a mix of my favorite tunes from the past few months. There was an unusually large crop of great music this summer – and whittling it down to just 20 songs was tough.

This mix is pretty rootsy although there is some rock, jazz, and folk tossed in there. I also listened to a lot cello this summer – but somehow it just didn’t fit with the other stuff.

A theme many of these songs share is the banjo – but it is a subtle background texture not the in your face bluegrass style (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I really enjoy seeing the instrument – and in particular the old time style which I play – finding a new niche. Check out Heart of Sawdust, Wind in the Wires, Big Bird in a Small Cage, and Hey Joe (yes Hendrix) in particular.