At Least They Are Trying

532497422_f925be50c4_oOne of the annoying parts of running a blog are the spam comments from people who want to surreptitiously sneak a back-link to their site on your blog. Askimet handles most of this automatically (thank you – thank you – thank you) but every day one or two servings of spam get past the filters.

Normally the posts are pretty lame “Great post – please write more…blah blah blah” hoping that your ego gets in front of your ability to see that the website link is “”
Today was different. Whoever was at the other end of the intertubes was clearly making an effort to at least amuse themselves. While I won’t post the link I will share the content of the comment for your amusement.

This post reminds me of when I was a boy growing up in Louisville. My grandfather used to say “When life give you lemons, make lemonade”. But he was a hopeless alcoholic who never made much sense so I never paid much attention to him. Have a great day!

Not only did they make me smile – they wished me a nice day – with an exclamation point!
This just goes to show that ANY job, no matter how meaningless and annoying to other people, can be done with panache. We all end up in career cul-de-sacs during our lives – when you are there take heart from this example. The bad job will end one way or another – but self-worth can be wiped out if you let it get to you. Resist!
My hope for the poster is that he/she can find a more productive use of their talents – word problems for on-line math homework helpers perhaps?

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2 responses to “At Least They Are Trying”

  1. Great Post! Ha…

    You posted this on my birthday so I had to comment. I really liked your career cul-de-sac example. Careers are only a means to achive our personal goals and it often takes many roads and many wrong turns to finally complete a journey. Best to just enjoy the drive.


  2. I just got out of career cul-de-sac and landed in what I think might be another. I was a K-5 computer teacher for 7 years. People said it was honorable, laudable, worthy yada, yada, yada. But it was as dead end as can be. No way to grow develop much beyond that 4 walled room. No financial growth either. So I left to do tech. But you know what? Tech is just fixing stuff day after day going down the same road every day until eventually it too will be a cul-de-sac. Then where? If you live in a good cul-de-sac, maybe that is a good thing. I don’t mind teaching and I don’t mind tech. excluding financial needs, those are good cul-de-sacs for me.