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Bambi Meets Godzilla is the best 90 seconds of student film – ever. This classic came up at dinner tonight and it warmed my heart the same way it did 30 years ago.

Thank you Marv Newland, a man of many talents.

[This post has nothing to do with Educational Publishing. Really. Next post – So You Are The Startup That Is Going To Take Pearson Down…]

This video may be the best four minutes you will spend this week. I laughed, I cried, I sat in awe of the creative vision that pulled this together.

Watch it full screen if you can. Safe for work.


Tom Chapin’s satirical song “Its Not On The Test” is worth a look. Even if you are a fan of No Child Left Behind this issues he raises need an answer.

I particularly like the jab at shout TV which reduces all discourse to name calling. Education reform is a deep and important topic and our current confrontational political culture isn’t serving us well in this – or many other – areas.

He has a web site with good links and more information at Its Not On the Test.