Its Not On The Test – NCLB Protest Song

Tom Chapin’s satirical song “Its Not On The Test” is worth a look. Even if you are a fan of No Child Left Behind this issues he raises need an answer.

I particularly like the jab at shout TV which reduces all discourse to name calling. Education reform is a deep and important topic and our current confrontational political culture isn’t serving us well in this – or many other – areas.

He has a web site with good links and more information at Its Not On the Test.

Yeah the video production values could have been better – but the music is great and the message is delivered in a fun way using the kids.


One response to “Its Not On The Test – NCLB Protest Song”

  1. Chris Miller says:

    Maybe his moronship could look at the what works teacher development workshops for teaching critical thinking,which by teaching students to think rather than memorize provide them with skills to figure out the answers that they could not in a million years memorize all of. But no, because an unnatural prejudice prevents visiting the Dept of Ed webpages, no such eruditation shall pass across your brain.

    Have I mentioned lately how much I despise the perversely retrogressiveness of entrenched teachers’ unions.

    Take a lesson from the schools that are winning. It’s not dumb luck. When I was hiring teachers (and firing them), I insisted that they be teachable. If they could not demonstrate that (and a couple terms was the outside limit of my willingness to coach,mentor, provide one on one observation and learning activities), they were out.