Thursday Curmudgeon – Xmas Edition

Christmas SpamIs it just me or is everyone else sick of getting “wishing you a merry christmas” emails flooding their inboxes?
I know, I know – we’re all hella busy and this is the time of year we are supposed to reconnect, so sending an on-line card or email seems like a quick solution.

But it reeks of insincerity. And its spam. So stop – pretty please?

Say what you will about the post office but the physical act of writing something – even your name – and applying a stamp forced people to put some kind of filter on who they sent holiday cards to. Now we are all a wrist flick away from a list of 600 people you “care” about.

If you really care about me stop cluttering my in-box with holiday flavored spam. Just so you know – these emails are kill-on-sight for me – I don’t even open them.

Social Media Meets the Holidays

Good social media is personal, sincere, and conversational. These on-line cards don’t meet any one of these criteria. It is an old broadcast mentality hijacking the new technology.

Normally the Curmudgeon doesn’t make suggestions – he just gripes and the world moves on ignoring the muttering figure in the corner with the askew elf hat and a fistful of cookies.

  • Take the same minute you would have to write a physical card and send a personal note to those you truly care about. Ask them a question – start a conversation that will last into the new year. Write from the heart.
  • Go on to Facebook and scribble on the walls of your real friends (you know – the ones who would help you move on an hot August Saturday).
  • Pick up the phone and call already.

Oh – and to all my friends out there – Happy Holidays. I mean it – really.

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3 responses to “Thursday Curmudgeon – Xmas Edition”

  1. John Soares says:

    I also grew tired of all the holiday e-mails and blog posts. Some seemed quite sincere, and others seemed quite phony.

    I didn’t write anything related to the holidays on my blogs, and I didn’t write any holiday–themed e-mails or Facebook posts.

  2. Kirsty Wertz says:

    Bahhhhh… (!)


    Lee, we opted for an email holiday card this year and gave recipients the choice of three charitable organizations to which we donated on their behalf.

    The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, one customer commented on how much they appreciated this approach to that of a box of stale cookies sent from other vendors… or better yet, that they appreciated the thoughtfulness of doing something good on their behalf.

    Perhaps it all depends on the intention behind that card and how well it’s delivered?

  3. Lee Wilson says:

    You made my point – you actually did something to engage people – you asked them into the conversation, gave them some agency over the results, and did more than clutter their in-box.

    I think this only reinforces the point I was trying to make – people need to think a little deeper if they are going to do this so that you engage your recipients in a mutually beneficial exchange.

    Hats off to the Nettrekker team – once again!