eMail 2.0 Resources for Education Marketing

E-Mail Marketing to Educators: What`s Working was put on Heller QED on October 12th. I had the honor of speaking about eMail marketing in a web 2.0 world.


My core message was that eMail 2.0 is activity driven, not demographics driven.

A person does something, and the company responds in a personal, authentic, and timely manner with a communication. It has the same give and take as a conversation. The focus is engaging people early in the decision making cycle with useful information, not at the end with a last ditch special offer.

As a follow up to the call I’ve assembed the following list of resources for attendees. I’ve also included my presentation for those who were unable to make the call.



My presentation (PDF) Download file from today with speaker’s notes included.



A couple of really good articles that lay out the case for the conversation economy.

The Conversation Economy – Business Week

Internet Marketing Mind Map – very cool



These are all books that will build background knowledge and understanding of the larger trends that are at work today in the marketplace.


The Long Tail

The Wisdom of Crowds

Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are Changing The Way Businesses Talk With Customers

Small is the New Big


Business Blogs

All of these blogs touch regularly on issues related to marketing in a web 2.0 world.

Logic + Emotion

Seth Godin

The Long Tail

Bokardo Social Web Design


Marketing and Strategy Innovation Blog

Influential Marketing Blog

Education Business Blog


Educator Blogs

These blogs won’t teach you about email or marketing – but they will show you the kinds of conversations educators are having in general. These are some of the best but there are thousands out there to sample from.



Not So Distant Future

Classroom 2.0


Metrics Tools

These are all tools that will help you measure traffic and activity on web sites. Some are free, some are not.




Google Analytics


Service Providers and Autoresponders

These are companies and products that can help you set up your response trees, manage the process, and track performance metrics.




Send Studio


You can also build a lot of this directly into your website if you choose to.


One response to “eMail 2.0 Resources for Education Marketing”

  1. Annie says:

    Lee, thanks for all the great resources. Your presentation tracks with our experiences in initiating contact wtih prospects and customers as we build a new publishing initiative. “Prospects” have become skilled at tuning out unsolicited contacts. As a practical matter it means a dramatic shift in marketing strategies. Although we are in transition, we still have to meet our customers where they are and for some companies it will continue to be a blend of traditional marketing activities combined with building a 2.0 world that will lag behind the thought leaders and first adopters by some degree. However, the impact of social networking and the speed of innovation is so profoundly changing the way we connect to each other that even the slow adopters are making initial forays into Web 2.0 in order to stay current with popular culture. I don’t believe you can fully understand what a sea change this is until you become part of the conversation; begin to see how it affects your personal connections and expectations; and then apply your learning to your customers.