Education Blog Roundup 10/10/07

CowboyRoundup.jpgTeaching metaphors, the role of school in society, bad (i.e. wrong) press for video games, glitz vs. content, banned books, racism in games, phishing games, and monkeys at the keyboard. All featured on this weeks roundup!
Teachings of a Zen Gardener over at PickTheBrain is a beautiful analogy for what teachers do.

The always excellent Will Richardson posted “School as Node” over at Weblogg-Ed. The original post he references talked about revolution but Will argues that we need to engage in a conscious act of evolution. This is a nice follow on to the articles just published here by Paul Schumann.

Unconscionable. Really. Newspaper Seriously Errs Reporting Videogame Study at Educational Games Research. We deserve a better press than this – oh wait we have the web now.

Logic+Emotion published When Presentation Eclipses Story. Textbook publishers are on the horns of a dilemma here – pretty covers and whizzy free-with-order stuff sells books – but at the heart of it we should remember that it is about kids understanding the content. Its also a good reminder for anyone doing a presentation.

Sad but true. Starting to notice – the only people school firewalls keep away from resources are the teachers – students know of every proxy on the planet – from the Classroom 2.0 blog. Related to my entry Disfunction Junction

Love this list – Banned Books: Have you read one? from Clarksville, TN Online. I’m a piker – I’ve only read 18 of them. But this gives me some ideas..

On the edugaming front at the The Forge · Straight From Central Casting is a disturbing reflection on the role of racism when creating “the bad guys” in game design. Think this doesn’t matter for the real world? Head over to DailyKos to read a hilarious send up of anti-muslim stereotyping.

Play this game! Over at PC World Phishing Game Warns Users highlights a great educational game that everyone should play. I consider myself fairly savvy and I only got about 75% right the first time through.

Hat tip to Paul Schumann – this is a really cool video of a crowd game using technology. Look at the intensity – we want that in our classrooms!
Must see video – Chimp vs. Pacman.