This meme has been running around the blogosphere. In the spirit of “getting to know your blogger better” here is my version of this fun little collection of random facts.

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including your current job):

Street Musican (Seville, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, well you get the idea)

Planning Synthesist (so much more interesting than analyst)

Pot Boy (no not THAT – I washed pots when the Chef was done with them)

Credit Manager
Four Movies I have watched over and over:

Dr. Strangelove
Lord of the Rings (counts as one really looooong one)

And Now for Something Completely Different (Monty Python)

642232_hand_and_fingers_4.jpgFour places I have lived:

Concord MA

Fujinomiya Japan

Albuquerque NM

Bellingham WA

(and 14 other places)

Four Shows I love to watch:

The Daily Show
Friday Night Lights
Get Smart
Four Places I have been on vacation:

Grindlewald Switzerland

Whistler BC

Isle Au Haut ME

Four of my favorite foods:

Sourdough (anything)

Four favorite drinks:

Cafe Americano
Lemon Sparkling Water
Diet Coke (caffiene free)

Guava Juice
Four places I would rather be right now:

Mt. Baker

San Francisco
New Zealand (ok – I’ve neven been there but I really want to go)

Four things I know but will never blog about:

Tuning a banjo
Hidden ski trails (that’s kind of the point)

Making Beer
302579_good_luck_card.jpgFour Bloggers I Tag:

Richard Carey

John Rice

Chris Keene

Annie Teich

Your turn guys…