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088My guess is that if you are in the office today you aren’t all that busy. So take 7 minutes and watch this great little video, particularly if you are skeptic about video games and learning.

Video – Tangential Learning

His central point, that a well designed game experience tees up personally directed learning actually extends far beyond games.

Another Example

I’m currently reading Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle – a Sci-Fi trilogy set in the Baroque era that weaves in a huge range of historical figures (sample: Leibniz, Louis IV, and Ben Franklin) and which plumbs the emergence of modern finance (including war, piracy, the invention of calculus, etc.).

Since I’m already on my iPad I keep Wikipanion at the ready. Every 5-10 pages I take a detour to learn more about a character or an issue which in turn informs my understanding of the subtleties in the novel. The technology enables this just in time learning approach in a way that would be impossible in print.

A sample of my searches:
Isaac Newton
Malabar Coast
Jean Bart
Whig (British Political Party)

Put another way – I’m reading a great book AND getting a survey history course in the Baroque era. A creative teacher could have a field day with this approach while weaving between english and social studies with a good dose of math tossed in as a bonus.

If you are not familiar with Stephenson’s work he is a master storyteller, a brilliant writer, and absolutely hilarious. Start with Snow Crash and work up from there. If you want to call yourself literate in the digital age this is a must read.


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  1. Martha says:

    Great information packed into a few fast minutes. I like the index idea a lot! I (usually) love it when my kids watch or play something and they want to learn more about it. The pigs featured in Angry Birds have my daughter (the future vet) interested and looking into pet pigs. She’s spent some time researching and you-tubing micro pigs. I had quite a time explaining to her that they grow up to 50 pounds and are much bigger than our toy chihuahua. She got it…after we did more research on full-grown mini and micro pigs!