Alternate Reality Games for The Classroom

A new alternate reality game (ARG) launched recently to explore what an oil shock would look like. World With Oil is the game and it is incorporating all of the social media found on the web in this massively multiplayer experience.

The coolest part – it is only 4 days old and they already have resources for the classroom. Talk about the power of social media for learning.

Sign up and join in to learn what it is all about.


One response to “Alternate Reality Games for The Classroom”

  1. The Hexagon Challenge is an educational alternate reality game (ARG) in which students will attempt to solve a mystery by infiltrating a secret society, answering initiation questions regarding history, science, mathematics, world languages, and the arts. They will contact and be contacted by various fictitious characters via email, telephone, and instant messenger who will provide clues that enable them to continue their quest to discover the truth about a mysterious artifact known only as the Hexagon. Up to six extra credit points will be awarded along the way, which can be applied to your course if you so choose.