Great Overview of the Range of Economic Perspectives

Distilling the range of policy positions on our current economic malaise is a huge challenge, but fortunately Rortybomb is up to the task. I recommend his post – A Topological Mapping of Explanations and Policy Solutions to Our Weak Economy.

Not only does he provide spiffy venn diagrams that distill people’s positions he also provides extremely useful links to articles that lay out those positions.

As a business leader I recommend this post for those wanting to dig deeper on what the road ahead might look like for our organizations.

As an education publisher I recommend it for those seeking outstanding examples of web articles that would be useful in the classroom. While he has strong opinions he isn’t afraid to provide a platform for those with other opinions to put their best foot forward. This one post could serve as the foundation for 2-3 weeks of a high school econ class.

As a citizen I just want what Jessica Hagy outlined in her inimitable way over at Indexed

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I just wish DC would get on with their job.