Games for Education – Two Essential Resource Links

www_on_the_beach.jpgWelcome Technology & Learning readers. My article Getting It Wrong – Slaying Myths About Video Games covers 5 misconceptions many teachers about video games and was published in two parts in September and October.

If you are interested in learning more in on the topic of games in the classroom here are two resources to help you.

John Rice’s Education Games Research is essential reading on the subject. John is a Technology Director for a School District here in Texas and has published research in this arena. He writes from a practitioner’s perspective but also with a good eye for research validation.

Richard Carey has put together an excellent resource over at Squidoo which provides automatically updated links and resources on the topic of Serious Games, Simulations & Learning. You can find books, blogs, and other items of interest at the site.

I also write regulary here on this topic and you can find all the relevant articles by clicking on the Serious Games link in the sidebar.

On a less serious note you can also read John August’s Seven Things I Learned from World of Warcraft.