Common Core for Mortals


The Common Core Standards are causing a lot of angst across the world of education.  Fortunately Brandt Redd is here to help.

Over at Of That he lays it all out in a lucid and well linked overview “The Common Core State Standards – For My Concerned Friends.”   He cuts through the BS clearly and cleanly and describes how CCSS fits in the overall scheme of the Gates Foundation’s vision for personalized education.

Last week’s announcement by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that they are opposed to CCSS has added to the uncertainty hanging over the direction of the market in the next 3-4 years.  If CCSS becomes more than minor skirmish in the political wars we’ll have a period of extended uncertainty about how materials should be crafted.  The angry maw of lens hungry politicians could make a six course meal of various conspiracy theories.

Take the five minutes to educate yourself and read Brandt’s piece, then you can tick off the following competency for being a member of the education community…

CCSS.EBB-Industry.L.8.5 – “Articulate the contribution CCSS is expected to play in the path to individualized learning.  Compare and contrast with historical standards and models.”

You should probably also read the RNC’s resolution to understand their perspective on this issue.