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Over the last 30 years I’ve lead dozens of teams through strategic planning as a CEO and as an outside facilitator. I’ve learned there are three essential characteristics for a good facilitator.

  • Strong listening skills
  • A coherent framework

Doug Stein of Memespark responded in comments to my last post and as usual his insights add a lot to the conversation and make the connection to education publishing more relevant and real. For that reason I’ve bumped this comment to its own post.


let-the-stress-begin.jpgBy Doug Stein

New Thinkronize Research – Schools and Generation ‘Net – Shows that Porn Nudges out Predators as Leading Online Danger for Students

Editor’s Note: Guest Blogger Randy Wilhelm, CEO of Thinkronize, will be sharing some insights from a survey they recently conducted on the concerns of Teachers and Parents what kids are finding on-line. This is relevant information for those who are in the business of producing instructional materials for web-based delivery. As parents become more skeptical about internet resources we have to double-up our efforts to promote on-line safety for children.

413605_old_mittens.jpgAs the cold of winter is almost upon us, my wife and I have been digging out the kids’ winter coats, hats and mismatched mittens. Mittens are like socks – they get lost mysteriously – either eaten by the dryer or left to freeze somewhere on a snow bank. Whatever happened to those sturdy metal clips that parents used to fasten mittens to winter coats? The act of fastening those mittens was more than just to protect us from cold hands, it was an extra safety measure to ensure that when we ventured out, everything possible had been done to assure our safety.

Barbara Russell asserted that we are not producing new entrepreneurs in the education market at her acceptance speech last week at the AEP Awards.

I respectfully disagree with her on this. Today the entrepreneurs are not in the traditional supplemental print business that Options was in, they are all in the technology arena. Some examples:

98524_building_builings.jpgBill Kelly –