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NFImageImportHere is some food for thought from Seth Godin on how social networking can help us organize. His main point – the side in an argument that is better organized usually wins. Whether your issue is education reform, textbook and software adoption, privatization, highly qualified teachers, NCLB, or any of the other issues of the day there is a worthy nugget of wisdom in his thinking.

What Happens When We Organize?

As Seth points out these tools upset the power dynamic and if harnessed can lead to positive change.


This meme has been running around the blogosphere. In the spirit of “getting to know your blogger better” here is my version of this fun little collection of random facts.

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including your current job):

Street Musican (Seville, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, well you get the idea)

221838_house_on_wheels_taken_too_li.jpgThis is the new home on the inter-tubes of Headway Strategies. This site has been running in beta mode for about a month and the final switch is taking place today.

We hope you enjoy the new format and welcome any feedback to help us tweak and improve the experience.

Thanks to the entire team at Justia for making this happen.

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