Brilliant Marketing – Simpsonize Me

Lee-Simpsonized.pngBurger King and the Simpsons producers have teamed up in a brilliant marketing campaign – you can upload a photo of yourself (or victim) and create a Simpsonized image.

Thats me to the left there, d’oh.

If you need to waste 15 minutes today I recommend this activity!
Its got humor (a rotating donut for the processing icon), personalization, and active involvement. The details are right too – obvious links to the promotional partners, a good solid URL, easy export, etc. Someone thought this through carefully and had a lot of fun with it at the same time. Not an easy trick to pull off.

When was the last time we saw humor used well in education marketing? Playful is engaging, but we are all caught up on meeting standards and aligning to correlations. Something to think about as we all head back to school.