Home Sick – You Get Tunes

Been fighting the crud since Saturday. The best I can muster so far this week is an overdue iTunes Mix for your listening pleasure.

I found a couple of particularly good new artists (for me) – Richard Shindell (also in Cry, Cry, Cry), and Pink Martini. Thanks to Rich Geist at Winsor Learning for the Pink rec. Shindell was an iTunes rec.

A thread that runs through these songs are strong and unusual story lines – better than your average batch of “love ya/miss ya/can’t wait to kiss ya” that makes up most pop. A marine captain drowns in the Mississippi, hippie band camps by the river and wins the town over, a tempestuous Russian/Italian love affair, Geronimo’s Cadillac, and Guantanamo Bay all grace this list.

Yes – narrative is as important in making music memorable as it is in making classroom instruction memorable (and engaging).


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