What Seth Said

NFImageImportSeth Godin makes a critical point for instructional materials.

The platforms are changing all around us. Mobile phones, iPad, Kindle, Android, white boards, Moodle, etc.

Are you paying attention?

I refer you to four part series about technology substitution in the textbook publishing industry. Don’t write the changes we are seeing off to temporary market fluctuations. By the time you notice the real trend it will be half over and you have little chance of catching up as the change accelerates.

The economic meltdown is only adding gasoline to a fire that was already going. The tighter funds get the more motivation our customers have to seek efficient alternatives to print.

How much of your development budget are you spending on R&D? The temptation in a down market is to hunker down and focus on low risk projects. I suggest that if you are not spending at least 10% of your development funds on cutting edge projects you are at a high risk of being irrelevant by the time the education market turns in 2014.