Do Teachers Go To Heaven?

A family member – who works in a Texas middle school – forwarded this bit of wit and wisdom to me today.

A teacher dies and goes to Heaven. When she gets there, she meets Peter at the pearly white gates.

Peter says to her, ‘Welcome to Heaven. Let me give you an orientation first.’
So, Peter takes her to some beautiful mansions. The teacher asks, ‘Who lives here in these beautiful houses?’ ‘These are for doctors. They did a lot of good on Earth so they get a nice mansion,’ replied Peter.

Peter takes the teacher to some more mansions. These were more magnificent than the first. ‘Wow, who lives here?’ ‘These mansions are for social workers. They did a lot of good on Earth but didn’t make a lot of money so they get a better house.’
603557_welcome_homePeter took the teacher to some more mansions. These were the most gorgeous homes she had ever seen. They had huge columns, well-manicured lawns, beautiful stained glass windows; the works! ‘These are the most beautiful homes I have ever seen,’ exclaimed the teacher, ‘Who lives here?’
‘Teachers live here.’ said Peter, ‘They did much good on Earth and received very little money so they get the best houses in all of Heaven.’
‘But where are all of the teachers?’ inquired the teacher.

Peter answered, ‘Oh, they’ll be back soon. They’re all in Hell giving a TAKS test.’