Blog Roundup

Washing Plane - Self ServeIt has been a while since I did a round up of blog articles, time to clean a few items out. Rather than dump a long list I’ve picked four articles I’ve found particularly interesting in the past few weeks.

Matt Mihaly over at The Forge notes that MMO’s/Virtual Worlds are some of the most valuable private tech firms in the world. I would add to Matt’s observation that 3 of the 4 firms he cites in the top 20 are for kids. Silicon Alley Insider’s original article is here.

Chris Anderson over at The Long Tail has an interesting take on the decline of the newspaper industry that is directly relevant to education publishing. Sure, readership is down, but at $45b it is still twice as big as Google and Yahoo combined. The money quote:

The truth is that the newspaper business is still a huge industry and will be around in one form or another for the rest of my life. That is not to dismiss the declines, but only to note that there’s still a lot of money there and what is required is strategic change, not giving up the ghost.

New information is like opium? Wikipedia as an act of love? Will Richardson, as ever, is interesting.

The Happy Worker Kit – coming to an office near you soon. Funny.